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We Are Hype Visions

A full-service marketing agency dedicated to building brands, creating long-lasting relationships, and making your company stand out against your competitors.

Hype Visions was founded in July of 2021 with the goal to do things a little different when it comes to marketing. Alye & Ken met in 2020 after working on a website together and found that their ideas regarding marketing and social media heavily aligned. The industry changes everyday and it takes some serious skill to stay on top of it. Alye & Ken knew they could do that and do it better than anyone else out there.

Welcome to the new way of marketing. 

Meet Our Team


Owner/CEO/Head of Social media

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine

Ken has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the world of social media over the past decade. From traditional platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to newer platforms like TikTok, he knows the in’s and out’s of utilizing them for top results. Beyond social media, Ken has a pristine exceptional background in sales, business development, both new and established, and customer satisfaction. Having worked in various positions from the bottom to the very top of numerous different business structures revolving around sales and marketing, he has developed a truly unique and in-depth understanding of what makes a business succeed.  After years of pursuing different endeavors, he realized his passion in life is establishing permanent, genuine relationships with those he meets and/or works with, and seeing them succeed.


Owner/CEO/head of web design & SEO

Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York

Some may say she was born marketing, others know she actually went to school to be a police officer and got her first marketing job “by accident”. Well, it was no accident. Alye DOES. IT. ALL. From growing your company’s presence on Google with an eye-catching website to putting your business on TV with a killer commercial, she really makes your business #HYPE. Alye handles all website, search engine optimization, marketing material, advertising, and videography projects. She has 6+ years of experience in marketing and a lot to show for it. Her passion, work ethic, and ADHD have helped her all of these years learn all she could about marketing. Ask any of her clients, Alye has fantastic customer service, is very transparent and honest, and knows how to grow a business from the ground up!

In addition to Alye & Ken, we have experts on-hand to help with your marketing projects. These professionals have years of experience in their respective fields and are rigorously vetted before any project begins to ensure that you receive nothing but top-quality work from us. All work is overseen by either Alye or Ken.

Our Mission

We build lasting relationships with our clients and give them a voice through social media, videos, and other forms of digital art to grow their businesses and make their clients love them.

Ready to get started?

We are the A-Listers of all things marketing.

Our experts will make your business #HYPE.

Hype Visions is an LGBT+ friendly, woman-owned company. We are determined to help build brands, build relationships, and keep our clients happy.

Hype Visions and its employees will never discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, ability, or veteran status.