FRF: Romanian Football Federation

Dec 24, 2021

About FRF: Romanian Football Federation

The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) is the governing body for professional football in Romania. Established in 1909, the FRF has played a significant role in shaping the trajectory of Romanian football over the years. With a mission to promote and develop the sport of football in the country, the FRF has been instrumental in the success of Romanian football both domestically and on the international stage.

A Rich Footballing Legacy

Romania boasts a rich footballing heritage, and the FRF has been at the forefront of preserving and furthering this legacy. From the iconic performances of the national team in major tournaments to the success of Romanian clubs in European competitions, the FRF has played a crucial role in fostering a culture of excellence in Romanian football.

Achievements of the Romanian National Team

The Romanian national team has delivered memorable performances in international competitions, showcasing their talent and passion for the game. With several appearances in the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship, Romania has a storied history on the global football stage. The FRF has consistently supported and nurtured local talent, contributing to the success and recognition of Romanian football.

Success of Romanian Clubs

Romanian clubs have also made a mark in European competitions, leaving their mark on the continent's football landscape. Through strategic planning, development programs, and investments in infrastructure, the FRF has created an environment conducive to the growth of clubs and their success in continental competitions. Fans of Romanian football can take pride in the achievements of their respective clubs, as they continue to compete against some of the best teams in Europe.

Latest News and Updates

Stay up to date with the latest news, updates, and insights from the Romanian Football Federation. Our website provides comprehensive coverage of all things related to Romanian football. From domestic leagues to international competitions, we offer detailed analysis, match reports, transfer news, and exclusive interviews with players, coaches, and officials.

Promoting Football Development

The FRF is committed to promoting the development of football at all levels in Romania. From grassroots initiatives to professional academies, the FRF invests in nurturing young talent and creating a sustainable football ecosystem. Our organization works closely with local communities, clubs, and educational institutions to encourage participation and provide opportunities for aspiring footballers to showcase their skills.

Academy Programs and Youth Development

One of the key focus areas for the FRF is the development of academy programs to identify and nurture young talent. Through rigorous training, coaching, and exposure to competitive football, these programs aim to produce a new generation of skilled and disciplined players who can represent Romania at various levels. The FRF's commitment to youth development ensures a bright future for Romanian football.

Facilities and Infrastructure

The FRF recognizes the importance of top-notch facilities and infrastructure in creating an optimal environment for football development. We work closely with clubs, local authorities, and corporate partners to improve existing stadiums, training grounds, and support services. By providing state-of-the-art facilities, we aim to enhance player performance, attract investment, and elevate the overall standard of football in Romania.

Get Involved

The FRF encourages football enthusiasts, fans, and aspiring players to get involved and be a part of the Romanian football community. Whether you are a passionate supporter, a young talent dreaming of a professional football career, or a coach looking to make a difference, there are various ways to engage with the FRF and contribute to the growth of Romanian football.

Support Your Favorite Club

Cheer for your favorite Romanian football club and show your unwavering support. Attend matches, join fan clubs, and be a part of the vibrant football culture in Romania. Your passion and dedication play a crucial role in driving the success of the clubs and the overall development of football in the country.

Participate in Grassroots Programs

The FRF organizes grassroots programs and initiatives to promote football at the grassroots level. These programs not only provide an opportunity for young players to learn and develop their skills but also foster a sense of community and teamwork. Join local clubs, volunteer as a coach, or participate in football festivals to contribute to the growth of the sport.

Become a Certified Coach or Referee

If you have a passion for coaching or refereeing, the FRF offers certification programs to help you develop the necessary skills and knowledge. By becoming a certified coach or referee, you can play a vital role in shaping the future of Romanian football. Be a part of the development process and make a positive impact on the next generation of football stars.


The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) is dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of football in Romania. With a rich footballing heritage, a commitment to youth development, and a focus on creating a sustainable football ecosystem, the FRF is driving the growth of Romanian football at all levels. Stay connected with our website to receive the latest news, updates, and insights from the FRF and be a part of this exciting journey.