2016 Juror Chizor Malize

Aug 25, 2018

Welcome to the page dedicated to Chizor Malize, the esteemed 2016 juror at Hype Visions. In the dynamic world of Arts & Entertainment, Chizor Malize has brought her unique vision and expertise to the table, making her an invaluable asset to both Hype Visions and the artists who showcase their work on the platform.

A Pioneer in the Industry

Chizor Malize, with her wealth of experience and deep understanding of the arts, has played a significant role in shaping the direction of the Arts & Entertainment category at Hype Visions. Her visionary approach and impeccable judgment have helped discover and promote emerging talent in the industry.

Home Visions Search

One of the key initiatives spearheaded by Chizor Malize is the innovative Home Visions Search feature. This powerful tool allows art enthusiasts to explore a vast collection of curated artworks from the comfort of their homes. With Home Visions Search, users can refine their search based on various criteria such as medium, style, artist name, and more.

Through Home Visions Search, Hype Visions aims to connect artists and art lovers, bridging the gap between creators and their audience. This remarkable feature has not only revolutionized the way people discover art but has also provided artists with unprecedented exposure.

Marketing 1 Vision Productions

Another prominent venture under the guidance of Chizor Malize is Marketing 1 Vision Productions. This strategic initiative is aimed at exploring new avenues to promote the work of artists who showcase their creations on Hype Visions. Marketing 1 Vision Productions leverages cutting-edge marketing techniques and platforms to effectively reach the target audience and create brand awareness.

With years of experience in the industry, Chizor Malize understands the importance of marketing and exposure in the success of artists. Through Marketing 1 Vision Productions, Hype Visions ensures that the talents represented on their platform receive the recognition and support they deserve.

Unveiling Hidden Gems

Chizor Malize has always been passionate about uncovering and promoting hidden gems in the art world. As a juror, she diligently reviews submissions from artists across various genres, carefully selecting those with exceptional talent, creativity, and the potential to make a lasting impact.

Through her discerning eye and extensive knowledge of the industry, Chizor Malize brings a fresh perspective to the selection process, ensuring that the artists showcased on Hype Visions are truly exceptional. Her dedication to discovering and promoting outstanding talents has made her a respected figure in the Arts & Entertainment community.


In conclusion, Chizor Malize's role as the 2016 juror at Hype Visions has been instrumental in shaping the Arts & Entertainment category and providing artists with a platform to showcase their work. Her vision, expertise, and dedication to promoting the arts have elevated the status of Hype Visions in the industry and captured the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide.